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Custom solutions

Web applications with custom demands, that cannot be implemented with an ordinary CMS, are coded object-oriented with PHP according to the MVC-Model by Insignis Sites.


Websites are mainly being implemented with Wordpress or Joomla, the most popular Content Management Systems.


Insignis Sites develops webshops with Wordpress and the Woocommerce plugin, which offers all the typical features of a shop such as a shopping cart or a checkout function.


Three-dimensional computer-generated images in a webbrowser are feasible with WebGL. An easy way of handling this technology is offered by the X3Dom-Framework



Insignis Sites develops object-oriented with PHP according to the MVC-Model.


The most popular CMS for easy content management of your blog or page content.


Javascript / Ajax

Javascript/jQuery and Ajax are employed for dynamic and animated web elements.


Like Wordpress but more advantages regarding SEO, file- and user - management.

Bootstrap CSS Framework

With Bootstrap websites are being displayed correctly on all mobile devices.


The Wordpress plugin Woocommerce offers all important function of a webshop.