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Check if a Domain is available by entering the domain name like

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A domain is a worldwide unique name that belongs to a Top-Level-Domain such as e. g. .com or .net. A domain may have numerous subdomains, that are separated from each other by dots. By the use of a domain name a webspace, that for instance hosts the source code of a website, can worldwide be adressed explicitly. The connection between the domain name and the webspace is achieved by nameserver entries, that in the end connect to the IP-adress of a server.


Keyword Analysis for a Website

The utmost concern of any website owner is to get as much traffic as possible, that is as many users as possible on his or her website. In order to achieve this goal a well done search engine optimization for the website is of vital importance. At the beginning of the search engine optimization is the wise selection of keywords. When the user enter these keywords in the input fields of the search engines the own website is desired to be among the first entries. The choice of suitable keywords is of great importance, because a good ranking in the result pages of the search engines mostly depends on the selection of the right keywords. When the correct keywords are determined the whole website should be optimised for these keywords.


Selection of a valuable domain name

The keywords selected in the keyword analysis for the search engine optimization now need to be considered in the selection of the domain name. Because not many keywords can be placed in the 2nd-Level-Domain, at least not if the domain should still seem serious, the one or two keywords with the biggest importance for the whole website should be integrated into the domain name. The single keywords should best be separated with a hyphen. The hyphen will then be removed by the search engines and thus only the keywords remain for the evaluation by the search engines.


Register multiple domains with relevant Keywords

If you want to use more keywords in a domain name besides the one or two keywords with the greatest importance, then there is the possibility to register multiple domains. In these domains you can integrate one or two important keywords each and then run landing pages on these domains, that are each optimized for their keywords. On the landing pages you would then guide the users, e. g. via hyperlink, to the main website. For the communication with customers, e. g. on a business card, it is a good advice to a simple domain name that best describes the website.

The domain age plays another important role. Domains that have been registered a long time ago have a better chance to get a good ranking position in the result pages of the search engines. With the preference of established domains the search engines want to put an end to such attempts that only register a new domain for certain sales campaigns.

An URL does not only consist of the domain name but also of directory and file names that follow the top-level-domain. Right here keywords are also beeing considered. Thus the directory and file names should also contain all the important keywords of an underpart page. The keywords in the directory names should not contain any specialchars or space characters. They should continuously be lower case an separated by hyphens. They should well describe the content of the page. Last but not least it is very important, that one document is not run under two different URLs with its directory or file name.


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